Hi! We thought you might want to know a little about us, so.....here goes! :) We are a  husband and wife team, specializing in Lampwork beads. He does all the website stuff, the shipping, the photographing.......all the "business" end of things. Which leaves me free to CREATE! (what a deal, huh? Yup, I've got it pretty good!) My favorite bead to make is the Encased Floral......I think because they remind me of tiny paperweights. I have collected paperweights and other glass art for years and years, so it is pretty neat for me to be able to actaully MAKE glass art now! Once in awhile, I will make a piece of jewelry, usually a piece with cabochons and beadwork. Seed beads were my first love when we first started this business some 10 odd years ago.....and I will always love the little buggers! I wish that I had more time to work with them, but that darn torch keeps me pretty busy! :) We believe in quality not quantity. We believe in honest business practices. We believe in providing quality products at a very fair price. We are the Owners, Operators, and labor.....so we can do what we want! So, if we want to take a smaller mark-up than most other businesses, we CAN! We decided what kind of business we were going to have a long time ago........

We started out traveling around the Midwest and Southwest doing craft shows and Pow-wows, making dreamcatchers, shields, mandelas, dance fans and, of course, alot of beadwork! It was a wonderful life, very free and happy. Then something happened that made us even MORE happy; our daughter Megann was born. She brought a joy into our lives that defies all description! But..... After Megann came along we were unable to travel around as much so we turned our focus to selling to stores in our area. This went over very well. We eventually decided to dip our toes into the Ebay pool.......well, that worked too! So, now we have our own web site. We do our best each and every day to continue to provide our customers (many of whom have become wonderful friends!) with a nice array of quality products at excellent prices. We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our site and  if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about anything at all, please feel free to e-mail us at any time! We would be more than happy to do whatever we can to help!! (and e-mail if you just want to chat, too......:)

 We have now settled on the banks of the Mighty Missouri River (ABOUT 30 YARDS OUTSIDE OUR FRONT DOOR) and can be found torching, e-mailing, shipping.......or just sittin' around on our deck with our daughter, enjoying life. Here's hoping that you take some time out of your day to do the same! :)


As a convienence to you we do sell some supplies at a low cost. These items are not made by us and we will try to describe them as best as possible.If we find a good deal, we will try to pass that on to you!  We give you a 100% money back guarantee with all our items including the supplies, less shipping costs. 

Questions??? Contact us at:DREAMWEAVERS 2901 EMIL LN COUNCIL BLUFFS IOWA 51501 712-256-3207  or email CINDY


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This is the view from our front deck over looking the Mighty Mo.


Kevin & Cindy Henry


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